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Real-Time Analytics

Grow your business with 3X greater analytics performance powered by StarRocks and backed by the enterprise support and features of CelerData.

The fastest, easy-to-use analytics platform on the planet

Accelerate insight generation across your business and ensure you’re getting maximum value from your organization’s data. CelerData offers the industry’s most powerful real-time performance, distilled into one easy to use platform so you stay focused on insights and not infrastructure.

CelerData Architecture

Experience real-time analytics without limits


  • Eliminate De-Normalized Tables
    Get amazing query performance on Star or Snowflake Schemas directly, all administered through a simple-to-use GUI-based system.

  • Achieve True Real-Time Analytics
    From streaming data to change data capture, CelerData meets the data ingestion, updates and deletes, and aggregation demands of real-time analytics.


  • Ready to Scale When You Are
    Get automated deployments, improved monitoring and alerts, guaranteed SLAs, and easily scale storage and computing power horizontally with support for tens of thousands of concurrent users.

  • Keep Using the Tools You Love
    All of your BI tools work with CelerData through standard SQL and officially certified integrations with our partner products.

Performance you can count on

We make big claims for ourselves, but we can back them up. From Druid to ClickHouse, we’ve put CelerData’s StarRocks engine to the test against the industry’s top solutions, and we’re continually pushing the limits of what’s possible for a real-time analytics platform.

We love a challenge. If you’re currently using or considering an engine you’d like to test against CelerData, contact us.

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Built on StarRocks

We’re proud to be powered by StarRocks, the world’s fastest open real-time SQL engine and MPP database. CelerData works closely with StarRocks’ global community of contributors to continually improve this popular project to better serve the developer community and our enterprise customers. 

You can view the project’s source code on GitHub and even download the engine to experience the performance boost StarRocks offers for yourself.

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