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Real-time analytics delivered at the push of a button.

Everything great about CelerData Enterprise, now with the benefits of the cloud

CelerData is already the premier platform for blazing-fast real-time analytics, now you can enjoy the added benefits working on the cloud enables.

Solution3 Accelerated
Engineers don't have to worry about deploying servers or VMs and installing software, allowing your data users to get to work uncovering new insights faster than ever before.
Save_money2 Enhanced
CelerData Cloud takes full advantage of the cloud's built-in benefits like compute and storage separation, elasticity, and automated resource management to reduce your infrastructure costs.
Save_time1 Lowered
IT Overhead
Streamlined setup and management means data teams can focus on providing the best possible query experience to end users and leave the system admin work to CelerData.
SOC Badge Security You Can
Count On
Data scurity is our top priority. That's why CelerData is proud to have been awarded our SOC 2 Type 1 certification. Learn more about it and how you can request a copy of our report here.

The performance leader for real-time analytics

With CelerData Cloud, not only can you accelerate your query performance, but the productivity of your data team is enhanced as well.

CelerData takes full advantage of the capabilities that are only possible with a cloud-native solution. Features like elastic resource management, the separation of compute and storage, and a streamlined quick start experience save you and your business time and money.

CD Cloud Arch
Save_time2 Simplified
Quick Start
Users can get started quickly and easily with CelerData Cloud through a user-friendly interface.
Laptop1 Separation of
Compute and Storage
CelerData leverages various storage and compute services in the cloud for optimized performance, scalability, and cost.
Insight3 Elastic
Resource Management
Cloud resource consumption is automatically managed to reduce TCO without the need for user intervention.

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