The pace of business has changed.
Real-time analytics ensures you're able to keep up.

From fraud detection to responsive mobile games, real-time analytics is making business' more resilient and profitable. Learn how other enterprises are making real-time work for them and how you can too.

Reports and dashboards

Keep your internal and external stakeholders informed with up-to-date insights from real-time dashboards.

Fraud detection

Reduce losses and improve customer confidence by ensuring that fraudulent activities are detected and addressed in real time.

Supply chain management

Optimize your supply chain, reduce inventory costs, and improve delivery times.

Real-time analytics explained

Real-time analytics can be the key to more timely insights and business decisions, but delivering a real-time experience for your users is easier said than done. Understand the five most important steps for building any real-time solution with this video.

Interactive reports and dashboards

Whether internal or external-facing, real-time dashboards can help your users with timely information. These up-to-the-minute insights enable businesses and end-users to respond swiftly to market changes, operational bottlenecks, and customer needs.

Real-time fraud detection

With the ability to process large amounts of data in real-time, businesses can identify and prevent fraud as it's happening and not after the fact.


Learn how enterprises like Airbnb are using real-time analytics to power their operations and prevent fraudulent activity in this video.

Intelligent supply chain management

Real-time analytics plays a crucial role in supply chain management. By analyzing data in real time, businesses can identify bottlenecks in the supply chain, enabling them to take corrective action quickly.


Learn how JD.Com is using real-time analytics to manage one of the world's largest logistics programs in this case study.

Here's why CelerData's approach to real-time analytics sets us apart

Powered by StarRocks, CelerData delivers the best analytics performance and scalability on the market. Here's how we're able to do it.

Primary Key Table

StarRocks' Primary Key table is specifically engineered to deliver powerful query performance during continuous high-volume real-time data ingestion. The primary key index enables data change operations to be resolved at data ingestion, leaving only the latest version of records.

MPP Architecture

Our massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture with in-memory data shuffling prevents a single node from bottlenecking the entire system, allowing for near-linear scale, especially for JOINs and complex aggregation queries.

Vectorized Query Execution

In addition to being fully SIMD optimized, StarRocks' own columnar storage engine and vectorized query executions deliver the industry's fastest query performance.

Cost-Based Optimizer

StarRocks' cost-based optimizer is custom-made and deeply optimized with its storage engine. It uses statistics collected from the data to estimate the costs of different execution plans for a query and picks the most efficient query plan.

Partial Data Upserts

For extremely high concurrency scenarios, instead of performing denormalization in a separate process, StarRocks' primary key table allows you to update part of your column with the primary key index.

Synchronized Materialized Views

The synchronized materialized view (MV) of StarRocks can be incrementally updated at data ingestion and perform query rewrites at query execution. With guaranteed consistency between the base table and the MV, StarRocks' MV further accelerates real-time analytics.