Webinar: StarRocks Connect - Sling


April 11, 2024

Join our upcoming session with Fritz Larco, the creator of Sling, for a comprehensive exploration of Sling, the tool that simplifies and enhances the efficiency of transferring data between diverse platforms, such as major databases and file systems. The session will include an overview of Sling, its development history, and future directions. Fritz will detail the technical strengths of this tool, its integration with StarRocks, and how this enhances data processing and analysis.

Data Universe 2024


April 10, 2024 - April 11, 2024

The CelerData team will be attending Data Universe 2024. Drop by booth #424 and discover what's new with CelerData and the StarRocks project. Our engineers will be on hand to answer even your most technical questions and help you solve you analytics challenges.

Webinar: StarRocks Connect - RisingWave


March 14, 2024

Rayees Pasha, Head of Product at RisingWave, will offer a deep dive into RisingWave, a distributed SQL streaming database that enables simple, efficient, and reliable streaming data processing. He will delve into the technical aspects that set it apart and discuss its compatibility and benefits when integrated with StarRocks, including how this combination can lead to more efficient data processing and analysis.

Webinar: What is StarRocks? - Features and Use Cases


February 28, 2024

From Trip.com to Tencent Games, more and more enterprises are adopting StarRocks for their query engine, but why? This webinar answers that question, and will teach you not only why StarRocks adoption is growing, but also the features and use cases that have made it the choice for industry leaders like Airbnb, and how you can benefit from it too. Join StarRocks expert Sida Shen for a 45-minute workshop where he'll be taking all your questions. If you've just started evaluating StarRocks or if you just want to know what makes it so popular, this webinar was designed for you.

Webinar: Unlock user behavior with 87 Million events using Hudi, StarRocks & MinIO


February 22, 2024

Understanding conversion funnel and rates is essential for deciphering e-commerce shopping behavior. In this live event, Albert Wong from StarRocks will provide an anonymized, real-world customer dataset featuring 87 million events and 4 million unique products spanning 10,000 product categories. He'll showcase how to deploy a modern data lakehouse with Apache Hudi, and MinIO, then conduct complex analytics, including JOIN operations, to analyze purchasing patterns and product conversion rates with StarRocks as the analytical engine.

Webinar: 5 Brilliant Lakehouse Architectures to Know from Tencent, WeChat, and More


January 31, 2024

Your data lakehouse promised flexibility, scalability, and greater cost-effectiveness, but you'd consider yourself lucky if it could deliver at least two of those three most of the time. This is the sad reality for most lakehouse users, but with a fresh approach to data lake system designs, you could be enjoying the three big benefits of the lakehouse and more. Join CelerData's data lakehouse expert Sida Shen for a 30-minute crash course on where lakehouse design often goes wrong and what you can do to avert disaster before it happens.

Webinar: StarRocks Community Call - What’s New in 3.2


January 17, 2024

StarRocks version 3.2 is here and with it comes several new ways to streamline workflows, boost your performance, and enable even greater flexibility in how you approach data analysis. Join StarRocks expert and developer advocate Albert Wong for this information-packed discussion where he'll walk you through what's new in 3.2 and share tips for how you can make the most of these improvements.

Webinar: How to Boost Your Data Lake Performance with Materialized Views


December 14, 2023

Data lake performance is getting a huge boost in 2024, and materialized views are why. Join CelerData’s data lake expert, Sida Shen, as he dives into what has been holding data lake performance back, why a more intelligent approach to materialized views can solve these challenges, and how to plan ahead to make 2024 the year of amazing data lake performance for your company.

Webinar: Enabling Real-Time Data and Analytics: Key Considerations and Best Practices


December 7, 2023

Real-time analytics continues to emerge as a top priority for enterprises, but most legacy data infrastructures struggle to support the speed and scalability it requires. To educate IT leaders and data professionals about key considerations and emerging best practices, DBTA is hosting this special webinar.

Webinar: Trino vs. StarRocks - Data Warehouse Performance On The Lakehouse


November 30, 2023

Trino, long praised for its data lake analytics performance, now struggles to keep up with modern demands for lower latency and high concurrency at scale. Join data engineering expert Sida Shen for a deep dive into the latest developments in data lakehouse querying and discover why it's time to transition from Trino.

Webinar: Why Apache Druid Can't Handle Modern Real-Time Analytics


November 9, 2023

Apache Druid has been a popular choice for its real-time data ingestion and querying capabilities, but its performance continues to disappoint. This is especially true when comparing it to modern database technologies. Is there a way to fix this? Or is it time to embrace alternatives? You’ll find the answer in this webinar.

Webinar: From Denormalization to JOINS - Why Some Solutions Can't Keep Up


October 18, 2023

Significant advances in JOIN technology now allow you to ditch denormalization and enjoy record-setting performance improvements in return. Learn all about those advances and how you can break free from the limitations of denormalization in this 30-minute webinar.

Webinar: How to Make User-Behavior Analytics Work for You


September 27, 2023

User-behavior analytics has proven itself to be a great way for enterprises to grow revenue and improve the stickiness of their products, and in this webinar, you’ll learn how you can apply it to your business. Join data engineering expert Sida Shen for a 45-minute technical discussion that explores what you need to know and will have you up to speed and doing user-behavior analytics with StarRocks by the end of the session.

StarRocks Community Meetup: Singapore


September 27, 2023

Join us for the very first community meetup in Singapore! Get ready to embark on an exciting journey as we delve into the realm of StarRocks, introducing the cutting-edge real-time SQL engine tailored for enterprise-level analytics. For this event, we've gathered a select group of StarRocks users from the Singaporean community to share their invaluable insights and best practices in leveraging StarRocks to achieve real-time analytics excellence.

Webinar: Go Pipeline-Free With Real-Time Analytics


August 30, 2023

Complex real-time data pipelines are now a thing of the past. Going "pipeline-free" is the new best practice for data-driven businesses, and in this webinar we'll teach you how to build your own pipeline-free platform. This engineer-led discussion will cover the finer points of pipeline development in real-time analytics, and identify the key areas you should focus on when going pipeline-free.

Ditching Denormalization: How StarRocks Delivers Superior JOIN Performance


August 24, 2023

StarRocks’ powerful JOIN performance has helped industry leaders like Airbnb, Tencent, and Lenovo eliminate their need for denormalization. In this webinar, we’ll explore just how StarRocks’ JOIN operations work, how they replace denormalization in real-time analytics, and what you need to know when considering if StarRocks’ approach is right for you.

Webinar: How To Go Pipeline-Free With Real-Time Analytics


August 16, 2023

Real-time analytics frequently necessitates extensive data pipelines to achieve satisfactory performance, but these pipelines add complexity that eat away at your time and money. This talk explores the concept of “pipeline-free” real-time analytics, a novel approach to these problems that promises simplicity and improved efficiency.

Webinar: Transform Data into $$$’s with User-Facing Analytics


August 8, 2023

As organizations increasingly recognize the power of democratizing data analytics, user-facing analytics has emerged as a significant focus area (UFA). Implementing UFA, however, presents unique challenges. In this webinar, we’ll address these challenges head-on, share solutions, and offer a robust foundation in user-facing analytics.

Webinar: How to Develop User Facing Analytics Projects That Scale


July 26, 2023

Learn how to scale your analytics projects seamlessly to accommodate hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of users without compromising performance. In this 30-minute session with product expert Sida Shen, you'll hear behind-the-scenes stories of success from StarRocks users, learn about potential challenges when implementing user-facing analytics and how to avoid them, and get the inside scoop on why StarRocks should be your go-to solution for real-time, high-concurrency user-facing analytics.

Data and AI Summit 2023


June 26, 2023 - June 29, 2023

The CelerData team will be attending Databricks' Data and AI Summit for 2023. Drop by booth #31 and discover what's new with CelerData and the StarRocks project. Our engineers will be on hand to answer even your most technical questions and help you solve you analytics challenges.

Webinar: What's New With StarRocks 3.0


June 22, 2023

Join StarRocks developer advocate, Albert Wong, and project expert, Sida Shen, as they unveil the latest in StarRocks 3.0 and how to leverage StarRocks for better real-time user-facing analytics. You'll also learn about StarRocks' new partnerships and integrations, community investments, and more.