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On-premises or the cloud, CelerData makes delivering real-time analytics easy.

Get 3X greater performance and more

Upgrade your analytics tech stack with a next-generation data platform that gives you the features and capabilities you need to achieve real-time analytics at enterprise scale.

launch1 The fastest real-time
CelerData offers blazing-fast query performance at a rate 3X higher than the next best leading platform.
Save_time1 Eliminate
No more guesswork around whether to denormalize or not. Get worry free optimization with unbeatable performance.
Flexibility1 Instantly respond to business changes Ensure users are making business decisions using only the freshest data with real-time updates and deletes.
Save_time2 Scale
with ease
Make real-time insights available to everyone at scale for up to ten thousand users simultaneously.
Solution2 Enhance all
your other tools
Improve the performance of the BI tools you already use thanks to CelerData’s ANSI SQL support that makes integration a snap.

CelerData Enterprise

The industry’s most powerful real-time analytics platform. Delivering performance three times greater than the next leading solution, CelerData Enterprise lets you provide blazing-fast real-time insights to all of your enterprise’s data users with powerful features like a cost-based optimizer, native vectorized query engine, an intelligent materialized view, and instant updates and deletes that ensures your data isn’t just fast, it’s fresh.
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The next-generation of real-time analytics platforms

  • Innovative cost-based optimizer
    Support multi-table joins on the fly. Solve for good the slowness of distributed joins and enjoy industry-leading query execution.
  • Native vectorized query engine
    Experience the best in query performance with CelerData’s approach to pipeline execution using the massive parallelism of CPU cores.
  • Intelligent materialized view
    Get transparent query acceleration that’s able to self-update in real time. Faster insights for your users and less manual work for you.
  • Instant real-time updates and deletes
    Ensure maximum possible data freshness for all your real-time analytics-driven business decisions.
  • Built-in resource management
    Easily keep costs in line while pushing for optimal performance. CelerData’s delivers maximum query processing at minimum cost.
  • ANSI SQL support
    Industry standard integrations so you can enjoy all the benefits of the CelerData platform while using your preferred tools.

CelerData Cloud

Enjoy all of the features of CelerData Enterprise on the world’s most popular cloud platforms. Making full use of the unique capabilities of the cloud, CelerData Cloud makes it easy to achieve real-time analytics with enhanced cost-effectiveness and an even lower amount of IT overhead.
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Powered by StarRocks

All CelerData products are built on top of the world’s fastest open SQL engine and MPP database: StarRocks. Supported by a large and ever-growing community of contributors, our foundation in open source means a wider support community and more transparency in CelerData’s products for you and your business.

Click the learn more link below to get more information about this popular project or view the source code for yourself.

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Talk to an expert about our products

Whether it’s CelerData Enterprise or CelerData Cloud, our team of solutions architects can help you navigate all of our offerings and find the best solution for your business.