Get 3X greater performance and more

Concurrently run the most demanding SQL workloads on your data lakehouse with sub-second latency.

The Fastest Data Lakehouse Queries

CelerData offers blazing-fast query performance 3X higher than the next best leading platform.

Eliminate Denormalization

No more guesswork around whether to denormalize or not. Get worry-free optimization with unbeatable performance.

Scale With Ease

Make instant insights available to everyone at scale for up to ten thousand users simultaneously.

Cloud Managed in Your VPC for Peace of Mind

You own the entire infrastructure and data, and CelerData takes care of the rest.

Enhance All Your Other Tools

Improve the performance of the BI tools you already use thanks to CelerData’s ANSI SQL support that makes integration a snap.

CelerData Cloud BYOC

With CelerData Cloud BYOC, you own the entire infrastructure and data, and CelerData takes care of the rest. Enjoy blazing-fast lakehouse analytics without the hassle of managing cloud resources.

Available on the world's most popular cloud platforms

The next generation of data lakehouse query engines


Innovative Cost-Based Optimizer

Support multi-table joins on the fly. Solve for good the slowness of distributed joins and enjoy the industry's best query performance.

Intelligent Caching System

Ensures a stable, data warehouse-like performance by eliminating the bottleneck of the underlying data lake system's slow performance.

SIMD-Optimized Vectorized Query Engine

Experience the best in query performance with CelerData’s approach to pipeline execution using the massive parallelism of CPU cores.
Serverless Diagram

CelerData Cloud Serverless PRIVATE PREVIEW

Easily simplify your data lakehouse analytics while enjoying industry-leading performance and cost savings with CelerData's fully-managed solution.

Available on the world's most popular cloud platforms.

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"We chose StarRocks primarily for its full compatibility with ANSI SQL and it's simple architecture, which simplifies application development, maintenance, and operations. It also delivers super-fast performance out of the box with minimal tuning, reducing our dashboard loading time from 5 minutes to 2 seconds.”


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"StarRocks is at the center of our real-time data analytics. We strive for quicker and easier insights into day to day operations. We chose StarRocks for its ability to upsert data in real-time, support for joins across large fact tables with very low latency, and the ability to serve and join native and external tables from the same cluster."



“We provide booking services for over 1.5 million hotels worldwide. By using CelerData we realized high-speed data analysis with an average query response speed of 200ms. Thanks to the unified data analytical architecture, manpower and hardware costs are greatly reduced.”


Powered by StarRocks

All CelerData products are built on top of the world’s fastest open SQL engine and MPP database: StarRocks. Supported by a large and ever-growing community of contributors, our foundation in open source means a wider support community and more transparency in CelerData’s products for you and your business.


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