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Real-time analytics at scale.

Everything a real-time analytics platform should be

Easy1 Flexible and
easy to use
Eliminate the need for denormalized tables, reduce infrastructure management, integrate with open data lake systems, and much more. CelerData offers the easiest experience when working with real-time analytics.
Difficulty3 Blazing fast performance Real-time analytics is nothing without speed, and it’s why you’ll enjoy a 3X performance boost, even when your data is regularly changing, greater than any other platform on the market today.
Save_money2 Cost-effective at any scale Support thousands of concurrent users with built-in intelligent resource management tools help you ensure IT and infrastructure costs stay low even as your users and queries dramatically increase.
Team1 Transparent and
Being built on an open project that integrates with open ecosystems means you get an expanded network of support and greater visibility into how the platform works.

Real-time analytics made easy

Real-time analytics is notoriously difficult. Complex data pipelines and denormalized tables have always been a necessary evil. Processing any updates or deletes once data arrives has not been possible- until now. 

CelerData Enterprise solves these challenges with the world’s best performing data platform that makes real-time analytics easy for engineering teams to manage and blazing-fast for their data users.

CelerData Architecture

Backed by powerful features and support

Easy1 Automated
Significantly reduce software installation and configuration work with CelerData's intelligent deployment tools.
Laptop1 GUI-based administration
Start making full use of CelerData immediately and cut down your ramp up time with easy-to-use GUI-based administration.
Insight3 Monitoring and
Enjoy enhanced stability and response times, dedicated support, and guaranteed SLAs. Plus integrations with your tools.
Save_time2 SQL Test
Greatly improve developer productivity and eliminate possible production errors with a built-in SQL test environment.

An open approach to real-time analytics

CelerData’s platform is built on top of the open project StarRocks, the SQL engine and MPP database. This gives CelerData customers unique access to a large community of StarRocks users and contributors to collaborate with as well as greater transparency in how CelerData’s products function.

Click the link below to learn more about StarRocks, view the source code, or download the engine to test for yourself.

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Have questions about CelerData Enterprise?

Tap into the expertise of our team of solutions architects who are ready to work with you to understand how CelerData can help your business.