Real-time enterprise analytics company positions for growth; continues contributions to StarRocks project


San Mateo, Calif. -- August 31, 2022 -- StarRocks, a performance leader in real-time enterprise analytics and creators of the StarRocks project, today announced the incorporation of CelerData.  CelerData will focus on leading the development of the StarRocks software, growing the developer community, and providing commercial products based on StarRocks technology.


CelerData will offer CelerData Enterprise, an on-premises deployment of StarRocks with added utilities and enterprise security features and its managed cloud service of StarRocks, CelerData Cloud, currently in beta and will be generally available in Q4 2022. 


“We started the StarRocks project two years ago to solve the challenges facing real-time analytics,” said James Li, co-founder and CEO, CelerData. “Since then, we’ve built a platform uniquely designed for the next-generation real-time enterprise, to help organizations accelerate their digital transformation with powerful business intelligence from real-time, blazing fast analytics.  ‘Celer’ comes from Latin where it has the meaning ‘fast’. With 2-3x better performance than industry alternatives, CelerData has a practical application as our new company name and is rooted in our desire and vision to be the leading choice for real-time analytics.”


The core of CelerData is StarRocks, the next generation of sub-second latency analytical databases. StarRocks’ architecture is purposely designed to support real-time data analysis and a large number of concurrent users, without the need for complex data pipelines. With StarRocks, Data engineers can run high performance queries on various types of models including flat tables, star and snowflake schemas. CelerData brings the StarRocks capabilities to enterprise customers, either on premises or in the cloud. Providing modern analytics applications where the latest transaction data is combined with historical records affords the best in-app recommendation and decision making.



About CelerData

CelerData enables enterprises to quickly and easily grow their business with a real-time analytical engine that is 3X the performance/cost of any other solutions on the market. CelerData is the only platform uniquely designed for the next generation real-time Enterprise, unleashing the power of business intelligence to help accelerate Enterprise digital transformation. Used worldwide by market leading brands including Airbnb, Lenovo and, CelerData generates critical new insights for these data-driven companies. To learn more, please visit,

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Kim Pegnato, PR for CelerData 


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