We're excited to announce that our long-awaited CelerData Cloud Serverless solution is available for private preview. Serverless represents not just the next step in developing our cloud-native offerings, but a substantial improvement in the performance, ease of use, and savings that CelerData products are known for.

Registrations for the Serverless preview are available starting today, so if you'd like to get started, sign up here. Otherwise, read on to learn more about what Serverless has to offer.


Serverless DiagramExample CelerData Cloud Serverless architecture


What Are The Differences In Serverless Tiers

CelerData products promise technical simplicity and cost-effectiveness for our users, and a major component of delivering on this promise comes in the form of more choices for our customers. Today, CelerData Cloud Serverless comes in three separate tiers: Standard, Premium, and Business Critical. This allows users to select the solution with the right combination of features and price to ensure you only pay for what you need. Here's what you get:



Serverless' Standard version lets you jump right into the world's most performant lakehouse query experience. With Standard, you have access to CelerData's lakehouse query engine. Bring your own data lake and experience at least 3x greater performance than other popular lakehouse engines, and all without the hassle of having to pay for and manage a proprietary data warehouse.



Serverless Premium goes beyond what Standard delivers and expands your analytics acceleration arsenal with the complete enterprise-ready StarRocks experience. This means you have access to CelerData's industry-leading lakehouse query engine and CelerData-managed storage, which enables:

  • Data upserts with second-level data freshness to support real-time analytics.

  • Building intelligent materialized views with full query rewrite support to accelerate your queries on demand.


Business-Critical (Available Q1 of 2025)

CelerData Cloud Serverless: Business Critical gives you the full feature set of Premium along with enhanced enterprise capabilities like improved security settings.

Not sure which tier is best for you? Reach out to us here for a demo of Serverless where one of our experienced engineers can walk you through all the functionality, answer your questions, and help you make the right decision.


Where Can I Sign Up?

To get started with CelerData Cloud Serverless, you can sign up here. To make your evaluation experience as seamless as possible, every new, verified account qualifies for a free 30-day trial (limit one per user). If you have additional questions regarding registration, please reach out to your CelerData account representative or contact us here.


Experience A New Era in High-Performance Analytics

We're thrilled to be able to share Serverless with you and know you'll be pleasantly surprised by both it's blazing-fast performance and ease of use. A new era for lakehouse analytics is here, and we can't wait to take this big step forward with you.


Start your free trial right now.

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