Today, we’re excited to share the news that CelerData has teamed up with Confluent as a registered ISV partner. While this is only the beginning of what is sure to be a great journey working alongside the Confluent team, here’s what you can expect.


What This Means for CelerData Customers and StarRocks Users

Confluent and Apache Kafka have almost always been top-of-mind in discussions around the development of the StarRocks project. In fact, a recent survey of StarRocks users revealed that over 30% of the StarRocks community relies on Kafka for their analytics work. In our conversations with StarRocks users, it became increasingly clear that closer collaboration with Confluent and the Kafka community would be the right next step for strengthening the StarRocks and CelerData experience.


Through this partnership, StarRocks and CelerData users can expect progressive improvements in how StarRocks and CelerData integrates with Confluent’s solutions, and assurance that their current investments in Confluent can continue to pay dividends the more they invest in their use of StarRocks and CelerData.


What This Means for Confluent Customers

For Confluent customers who might be hearing about CelerData and StarRocks for the first time today, here's why this matters to you. CelerData is a high-performance, analytical database for real-time and high-concurrency workloads developed on top of the open source project StarRocks.


Through this partnership, Kafka users can take advantage of CelerData's advanced data management capabilities with Kafka's streaming platform. This gives you an end-to-end solution for managing and analyzing real-time data at scale.


Your data freshness will improve: CelerData is capable of ingesting streaming data from Kafka topics with ease, and its unique upsert mechanism ensures that your mutable data remains fresh while maintaining excellent query performance.


Your scalability just got a huge boost: CelerData is built to handle large-scale, high-concurrency, and low-latency workloads, making it a perfect match for Confluent Kafka's distributed and scalable architecture. Your users will be able to analyze and process large amounts of data from Kafka without experiencing performance degradation.


This partnership is expected to result in deeper integration between CelerData and Kafka, giving you a more seamless and efficient way to manage and analyze real-time data. Confluent customers can now try CelerData Cloud for free or download the latest version of StarRocks here.


In our continued efforts to strengthen and grow the support and integration ecosystem around CelerData, this partnership with Confluent represents a major milestone. We look forward to what the future brings with Confluent and CelerData working together and the benefits this will deliver to businesses working with real-time analytics.


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