It's official, CelerData and Tabular are teaming up, and that means your analytics experience just got a lot faster and more flexible. We're excited to finally share some details about this partnership and give you a taste of what this entails for your current (and future) investments in CelerData and Tabular.


What CelerData Customers Can Expect

CelerData's relationship with Tabular has always been strong. In fact, Tabular's Head of Engineering, Daniel Weeks, spoke at CelerData's first StarRocks meetup last December. Many users in the StarRocks community were either Tabular (or Apache Iceberg) users already, and Daniel's presentation only added to those numbers. Since then, we've been looking for ways to better integrate with Tabular to streamline the user experience and make your life a little easier.

While additional improvements will be announced at a later date, starting today CelerData customers can start using CelerData Cloud with Tabular/Apache Iceberg as their table format in under five minutes. We've worked closely with the Tabular team to test this integration and simplify setup as much as possible.


Get Started for Free – Simple and Secure Storage for All of Your Analytics Data With CelerData and Tabular

You can take advantage of this integration right now, and you can do so for at no cost. Both CelerData and Tabular offer a free trial, so you can experience these improvements for yourself with no obligation.

Try CelerData Cloud

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We're excited to be able to share this news with you today and look forward to future improvements to the CelerData and Tabular experience we'll be able to share as this partnership develops.

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