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Menlo Park, Calif. -- February 14, 2023 -- CelerData, a unified analytics platform uniquely designed for the modern, real-time enterprise, today announced it has contributed the StarRocks Project, a high-performance analytical database, to the Linux Foundation, where the project will continue to grow and thrive as part of the open source community. This contribution follows December's announcement of StarRocks move from an Elastic License to an Apache License.

The StarRocks project has been an independent, source code available project since its inception in 2020. StarRocks has helped more than 500 companies successfully launch digital transformation initiatives including market leaders Airbnb and Lenovo.

“The Linux Foundation is delighted to welcome the StarRocks Project into its family of open source projects,” said Mike Woster, Linux Foundation Chief Revenue Officer. “By providing a neutral home for collaboration, the Linux Foundation is able to bring together talented individuals and organizations from around the world to collaborate on building innovative solutions and technologies for shared benefit.” With StarRocks, developers can unite real time analytics, an OLAP database, and data lake analytics onto one engine, with one data pipeline. With its columnar storage engine and fully vectorized operators, StarRocks makes full use of CPU processing power and SIMD instructions to boost performance.

“This is the first analytical database in the industry that addressed the critical technical challenges in both real-time and batch analytics, such as the need to denormalize data, the inability to process real-time updates, and the challenge of supporting large numbers of concurrent users,” said James Li, CEO, CelerData. “StarRocks’ unique design can handle frequent updates to past transactions while still maintaining high query performance in real-time. This enables use cases previously considered not suitable for real-time analytics. We look forward to collaborating with the Linux Foundation given its significant experience in operating an open source project. Being part of this Foundation will help us collaborate with other open source projects to improve user experience while building the world’s best query engine.”

The StarRocks Project has been lauded for its product innovation in data analytics with recent industry award recognition including; winner of the BIG Innovation Awards, a finalist in the Cloud Awards for Best Cloud Business Intelligence or Analytics Solution and winner of the Digital Innovator Award from Intellyx.



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CelerData enables enterprises to grow their business quickly and easily with a unified analytics platform that delivers 3X the performance of any other solution on the market while reducing operating costs by up to 80%. Powered by StarRocks, the leading open-source database for real-time analytics, CelerData enables blazing-fast business intelligence that accelerates digital transformation. CelerData is used worldwide by hundreds of leading brands including Airbnb, Lenovo, and to generate critical new insights for these data-driven companies daily. Learn more at:



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