The ability to perform real-time analytics is becoming increasingly essential for businesses. However, the velocity and volume of real-time analytics brings with it a set of unique challenges. It forces us to reevaluate existing database operations and their place within this high-speed landscape. One of these operations is multi-table JOINs.

Often in the race against time, some data practitioners view JOIN operations as optional luxuries, and sideline it in favor of speed. But is it truly a luxury? This article will examine the true importance of JOINs in real-time analytics.


JOIN Operations: Why Is It Perceived as a Luxury

The complexity and resource-intensive nature of JOIN operations have led to a significant challenge within the field of real-time analytics. Not all real-time OLAP databases can perform these operations efficiently on-the-fly due to their extensive computational requirements. To bypass this bottleneck, many have resorted to a workaround technique known as denormalization. This is essentially pre-joining tables into one large table during the data preprocessing phase.

Yet, this workaround is just that - a workaround. It comes with significant operational overhead, making it expensive and complicated to build and maintain. Moreover, denormalization tends to lock data into a rigid, single-view format, significantly impeding the flexibility often essential for comprehensive data analysis. Hence, what was originally a measure of convenience became a trade-off, making JOIN operations seem like a luxury, not because they are unnecessary, but because data practitioners are merely making do with this workaround.


Democratizing Real-Time Analytics With On-the-Fly JOINs

Ideally, we would be able to carry out JOIN operations on-the-fly, swiftly and efficiently, and without the need for preprocessing via denormalization. This was a pipe dream for years, but recently, new innovations have made it a reality. CelerData is built on one such innovation: the open source Linux project StarRocks. StarRocks was designed with this exact capability. It can execute on-the-fly JOIN operations rapidly, enabling the real-time linking of multiple tables without any preprocessing.

The ability to perform JOIN operations on-the-fly simplifies the data pipeline immensely. This not only reduces infrastructure costs but also makes the data pipeline more agile, allowing it to evolve along with your ever-changing business needs. Furthermore, the accelerated speed of StarRocks' JOIN operations amplifies the value of your real-time analytics, enabling immediate insights that drive swift, data-informed decision making. In a world where every second counts, StarRocks (and its commercial version CelerData) ensures you’re always a step ahead.


It's Time To Embrace JOIN Operations

JOIN operations are not a luxury - they are an essential tool for deep, effective, real-time analytics. They enable flexible and thorough data analysis, alleviating the need for the cumbersome preprocessing associated with denormalization.

With innovative solutions like StarRocks and CelerData, the trade-off between the depth of JOIN operations and the speed of real-time analytics is no more. It's time to fully realize the potential of real-time analytics with the power of efficient, on-the-fly JOINs. Let's democratize JOINs, making them not just accessible, but an integral part of real-time analytics.

Experience the power of on-the-fly JOINs right now with a free 30-day trial of CelerData Cloud. Sign up here.

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